Nov 24, 2008

We had a (cold but) great weekend. We stayed close to home, except for running errands Saturday in Natick, and it was so nice, because it's been a long time since we've done that. It was nice to be plan free and low key.

In Natick I exchanged my defective uggs, which I now think really were made wrong since this pair fits so differently (so much better). We did other returns and picked up some presents. Picked up a project to do with the boys on Friday (Christmas presents for their mom, dad and grandparents), which will be a blast. Stopped in to John Harvard's for two beers we wouldn't get again. Found 2 options for a mantel at Lowe's (Tim promised me one by Christmas so it looks like it will definitely happen!) Hit up the asian market in town and had a feast of wonton soup, gyoza, and scallion pancakes. Yum.

Sunday was returning the keg/tap, sleeping in, reading the paper, picking up, etc. Oh and of course the 24 movie ...

Trying to figure out this crazy Thanksgiving. Cyndy's going to her in-laws, Dad is going to Pam's sister's and her daughter's ... we are going to Deb & Bob's and are having Thanksgiving Thursday (just the four of us) and Friday (with Brad & the boys, too). Hopefully seeing Janet, Jord, and cute baby Ella over the weekend too. It should be a good one but I am anxious for it to start, I've got that senioritis feeling -- like, can't today be the only day of work this week?

Nov 21, 2008

Well the annual cookie day I wrote about Wednesday is planned! This year we're making it really count by making it a wrapping day as well. I can't wait, I love this tradition, which started late in college, was pre-empted for a few years, but now has been going strong since 2006 :)

My lovely husband brought home a bottle of my favorite white wine Wednesday night after making a special trip to pick it up. That was a fun surprise. Maybe I can surprise him with something tasty for dinner tonight ... better get thinking.

Heading out tomorrow for a little Christmas shopping, and stop into the "New Oriental Market" for lots of goodies for a dinner feast (wonton soup, scallion pancakes).

Looking forward to heading to Keene for Turkey Day. Thursday will be small with just Tim's mom & stepdad, and that will be great. Friday will be more chaotic when Brad & the three boys come over. We haven't seen the little guys in ages so we're looking forward to that.

Nov 19, 2008

I'm anxious to start Christmas shopping -- I love buying presents and wrapping them and the whole deal. But some how, I feel like if I start too early I might miss out on the real Christmas-y-ness of the whole experience with decorated malls/stores and music playing...there's something to be said for that -- but there is also something to be said for getting it done early: no stress, maybe better deals, and getting to enjoy the other things that make the Christmas season what it is.

I feel like December is already filling up fast but hopefully I can get in some good shopping days, and I hope M, D and I can do our annual cookie baking day (and maybe make it a gift wrapping day too!)